Hu Shuli Quits Caijing to Take Up Position at Sun Yatsen University

By Pang Lei
Published: 2009-11-09

Hu Shuli has resigned from her post as editor of the prominent Chinese business magazine Caijing.

Earlier this evening, Zhang Lihui, spokeswoman for the bi-weekly, announced that Hu had submitted her resignation to the board of SEEC, Caijing's parent company.

According to media reports, Hu intends to take up a position at the School of Communication and Design at Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou.

The resignation follows weeks of speculation that Hu was preparing to leave the magazine and also follows the mass resignation of more than 60 employees from the company's business division in October.

News of the resignation was announced by Zhang Lihui via her Sina microblog account at about 5.45pm on Monday evening, and quickly spread through Beijing's media cirlces.

There is no word of who will replace the charismatic editor, and it's likely that a number of her senior editors will follow Hu when she leaves the publication.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Caijing's managing editor Wang Shuo announced via Twitter that he too has quit. They also quote unnamed sources at Caijing as saying that Hu plans to relaunch the magazine under the name Caixin with a new media partner.

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