Sneak Preview of Hu Shuli's New Caixin Project

By Pang Lei
Published: 2009-12-09

Signs of what Hu Shuli's next media project will look like emerged on her new Sun Yat-Sen University-hosted website on Monday. 

Under the banner of Hu Shuli - Our Web (胡舒立-我们网 Hú Shūl - Wǒmen Wǎng), the new site seems to confirm earlier reports that the influential media player is in the process of setting up a magazine and website called Caixin.

The new site, which includes a channel devoted to coverage of the ongoing UN climate change in Copenhagen, is hosted on by the Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, where Hu has taken up a position in the School of Communication and Design.
Although the website is branded with Hu Shuli's name and image, it's much more than a personal blog and contains multiple channels devoted to articles ranging the full gamut of topics usually covered by an established finance and economics news site.
But it's the content of two PDF files linked to the English-language section of the site, that according to Chinese media reports were added to the website on Dec 8, that offer clues about the rumored《财新》Caixin project.

The two files contain numerous mentions of Caxin and appear to be drafts of the English-language section of a new publication called Caixin Weekly.

Hu, along with a large contingent of her editorial colleagues, resigned from her post as editor of the prominent Chinese business magazine Caijing on November 9.

Back in November, Time quoted a former Caijing staffer as saying "We were told that we will be doing the same thing, just with a different name and a different office, we will continue to do reporting, talk with sources and continue to find stories. It's just that there will be a change of ownership."

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