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The World's Largest Umbrella
An interview with Guan Zhiqiang reveals sobering figures about the current state of China's health care system.
Zhang Chen | 2007-05-10
Closing the Income Inequality Gap
An influential report is driving dialogue and policy-making towards closing China's widening income gap.
Gou Xinyu, Liu Changjie, Zhang Xiangdong | 2007-03-16
The Environmental Protection Storm
The State Environmental Protection Administration is calling for a halt to 82 investment projects in another "storm" that will likely be more influential than any in the past.
Zhang Chen, Wang Biqiang | 2007-02-07
Bill Aims at Layoffs and Compensation
The latest revision of a controversial bill addresses firing conditions and compensation packages.
Wang Biqiang | 2007-02-07
Nowhere to Hide
Public surveillance is entering a boom as major cities draw up plans to increase coverage and centralize control by staggering amounts.
Liu Chun | 2007-02-05
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New Loans Continue to Fall in August
The amount of new loans issued in August may have fallen to less than 300 billion yuan.
Source:Economic Observer
OPhones to Take on iPhone
The 3G-enabled Lenovo Mobile OPhone is likely to provide stiff competition to Apple's iPhone in the China market.
Source:China Mobile
Taxing Times
China's tax bureau aims to collect an additional 100 billion in tax before the end of the ...


Are state-owned enterprises playing too large a role in overseas acquisitions?
Tracking the global expansion of China's oil companies