Henan Police Reform: 18 Cities to Close Down Public Security Bureaus

By Liu Jinsong
Published: 2010-11-10

Economic Observer Online
Published 2010-11-10
Translated by Zhang Chao
Original Article:

Henan province is witnessing a new surge in police reforms. According to the Henan Provincial Public Security Bureau, on November 15, 18 cities in Henan will repeal the more than 60-years-old “public security bureau—sub-bureau—local police station” system of organization.

After the reform, local police stations and public security sub-bureaus will be merged into one department, which will be directly controlled by municipal public security bureaus. Traffic police, special patrolmen, security police, and Interpol police will all be under the unified supervision of their local police stations. The duties, as well as the resources of the different police forces will also become more integrated.

Henan’s flurry of police reforms has already resulted in some reconsideration of the nationwide public security system. Sources in the Ministry of Public Security say that a smooth transition is essential.

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