Chengdu to Allow Free Migration

By Xie Liangbing
Published: 2010-11-17

Economic Observer Online
Published 2010-11-17
Translated by Guo Wei
Original Article:

Chengdu’s local government announced at a press conference on November 16th that the entire city’s household registration will be unified, allowing all urban and rural residents to migrate freely.

By 2012, Chengdu will introduce a new centralized registration system that lists residents’ marriage status, social security details, credit rating, employment status, and other information.

The initiative modernizes the old system and increases the mobility of urban and rural residents. Rural residents can travel to the city, look for a job, and participate in the social insurance system without having to forfeit their land contracts. This reform also facilitates the free flow of factors of production between the urban and rural communities.

Chengdu’s reform applies to both rural and urban migration, allowing urban residents to migrate to the rural areas and enjoy the countryside. As a result of the reforms, the term “farmer” (农民nongmin) no longer refers to social class, but instead, simply refers to a profession.

This article was edited by Leslie Walczak