Opinions on Seed Industry Development to Be Released in March

By Jiang Yunzhang
Published: 2011-02-24

Feb 24, 2011
Translated by Guo Wei
Economic Observer Online

Original article:[Chinese]

The Economic Observer has learned that new policies concerning the seed industry will soon be issued. At the State Council executive meeting on February 22nd, Premier Wen Jiabao approved the “opinions on rapid development of the modern crop seed industry.” The “opinions” focuses on the future direction of the seed industry and includes suggestions concerning seed quality, quality land for seed production, and modernizing the seed industry.

The full version of the “Opinions” will be released in March.

A series of new policies that includes the opinions is expected to follow.

Under the new policies, the threshold for entering the seed market will be increased, and the integration of China’s seed industry will begin.

This is good news for the industry’s leading companies.

A reporter from the Economic Observer has learned that the core content of the opinions concerns the relationship between research institutions and seed companies. More specifically, the opinions propose that public finance capital will be given to leading seed companies, and will help facilitate integration and mergers in the seed industry.

The ministry of agriculture has also included in the new policies revised versions of “business licenses and management methods for seed production” and “key measures for the identification of crop varieties.”

The revised versions are aimed at increased monitoring of registered capital, fixed assets, and research and development capabilities in the industry. 



The Economic Observer Online: 鼓励重组 种业发展意见完整版下月出台 [Chinese]