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Issue Wrap No. 510, March 14, 2011
This weeK: Toothbrush Scandal, Zhang Dazhong Takes Over Gome, Irrigation Development Faces Funding Shortage
3月15日 12:16
Issue Wrap No. 509, Mar 7, 2011
This week: New Electric Power Construction Giants, Rare Earth Mines and What's Driving the Recent "Labor Drought"?
3月7日 18:23
Issue Wrap No. 508, Feb 28, 2011
This Week: BYD, Baidu and Alibaba
2月28日 19:19
Issue Wrap No. 507, Feb 21, 2011
This Week's Paper: Corruption Threatens Safety in High-speed Rail Network and Major Shake-up of Crystalline Silicon Sector Could See 80% of Producers Shut Up Shop
2月23日 14:36
Issue Wrap No. 506, February 14, 2011
This Week's Newspaper: Policy Makers on 2011, A Survey of Happiness, A Retrospective on Financial Reforms and the Views of CEOs from major Chinese and Multinational Companies
2月21日 15:04
Issue Wrap No. 505, January 31, 2011
This week's paper: Anti-monopoly Law Cases Surge, Water Conservation Efforts and Coping with Drought
2月10日 17:26
Issue Wrap No. 504, January 24, 2011
This week's paper: A New Grain Law, Political Meetings and Property Market Restrictions
1月24日 18:27
Issue Wrap No. 503, Jan 17, 2010
This Week's Paper: Land Use Fees, Ticket Scalpers and the New Fosun Empire
1月18日 19:22
Issue Wrap No. 502, Jan 10, 2010
This Week's Paper: Property Tax by Stealth, Inflation Forecasts, Hoarding Tobacco and Defining Poor
1月10日 19:14
Issue Wrap No. 501, Jan 03, 2011
This Week's Paper: China's Budget for 2011, Predictions for the Year Ahead and an Interview with the CEO of Li Ning
1月4日 19:43
Issue Wrap No. 500, December 27, 2010
This Week's Paper: The Urban-rural Income Gap Could be Controlled, Public Participation in Putting Pressure on Enterprise Pollution Treatment, New Oriental Gives me Half Happiness
12月31日 17:49
Issue Wrap No. 499, Dec 20, 2010
This Week's Newspaper: 17 Years of Dismal History in Xingfu Ba Village, High Interest Lending in Wenzhou Reaches Critical Point, Who will get Crowded Out of Beijing?
12月20日 18:02
Issue Wrap No. 498, Dec 13, 2010
This Week's Newspaper: China's Jewelry Processing Sector Under Investigation, Labor Shortage Increasingly Common in Central China, Chinese Government to Reduce Tax
12月13日 18:53
Issue Wrap No. 497, Dec 6, 2010
This Week's Newspaper: Central Government Investigates Chengdu's Hukou Reform, Income Reform and Interviews
12月6日 19:59
Issue Wrap No. 496, Nov 29, 2010
This Week's Newspaper: Where Local Governments Bank Their Funds, Foreign Drug Producers Fight for a Place on China's New List of Basic Medicines
11月30日 10:38
Issue Wrap No. 495, Nov 22, 2010
This Week's Newspaper: Who's Responsible for the Shanghai Fire? Some Corn with Your Soybeans and the Cost of Migrating Abroad Doubles
11月22日 19:21
Issue Wrap No. 494, Nov 15, 2010
This Week's Newspaper: Inflation, National Grid to Cover Tibet in 2012 and Shanghai's Disney Issues
11月15日 21:36
Issue Wrap No. 493, Nov 8, 2010
This Week's Newspaper: CIC Sets Up Shop in Hong Kong, an Interview with the CEO of Tencent and 3.5 Trillion Yuan to be Invested in Railways
11月9日 19:28
Issue Wrap No. 492, Nov 1, 2010
This Week's Newspaper: Policy-based Housing, Local Financing Platforms and Did the Shanghai Expo Make Any Money?
11月1日 19:07
Issue Wrap No. 491, October 25, 2010
This Week's Newspaper: Hot Money, Salt Industry Reforms Delayed and the Coming Derivatives Market Boom
10月25日 20:08


NDRC Sets Benchmark Price for
The new benchmark price is likely to help boost the profitability of photovoltaic projects and encourage more investment...
China Shuts Down 583 Lead-acid
A total of 583 lead-acid battery manufacturing plants have been shut down over recent months as part of a campaign to st...
Reluctant Transparency
Central government departments grudgingly reveal glimpses of spending on cars, overseas tr


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