China Launches Nationwide Investigation into Medical Industry Corruption
A nationwide campaign against corruption in China's medical industry is being launched...
Wen Shuping | 2010-06-30
Scheme to Integrate Phone, Internet and TV Services Approved
Announcement of cities to lead roll-out of "three networks integration" program expected later today.
Zhang Zhe | 2010-06-30
Genetically Modified Rice Seeds Discovered in Hunan Province
Though the Chinese government prohibits the commercial sale of genetically modified (GM) rice, GM rice seeds are still being sold
By Xie Liangbing, Jiang Yunzhang | 2010-06-25
Henan Province to Nationalize Coal Mines
China's central Henan province is beginning an ambitious project that will incorporate 466 small coal mines into six large state-owned mining conglomerates in around just 40 days, the EO learned.
Chou Ziming | 2010-05-19
Internal Audits Sweep Through Securities Industry
The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) has announced that it will begin to audit institutions and individuals involved in securities, funds, investment, and consultancy
Huang Liming, Zhang Yong | 2010-05-14
Defense Industry to Renew Transfer of Profit Dividends to SASAC
Centrally-owned enterprises working in the defense industry will once again have to start submitting a percentage of their profits to SASAC
Kang Yi | 2010-05-06
Where is Geely Getting the Money to Buy Volvo?
Geely will locate Volvo's China headquarters in Shanghai and set up a production bases in Shanghai and Heilongjiang's Daqing
Wang Qiufeng, Pang Lijing, Hu Rongping, Cai Zhijie | 2010-04-29
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China's Informants Lack Protection
China does not have the man power, financial resources, or system to protect informants or witnesses
Source:Beijing News
Citizens Express Anger toward Local Governments by Committing Suicide
On September 10th, in an effort to save their home, three family members attempted self-immolation.
Source:Sourthern Daily
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