Tencent vs. 360 Commentary Wrap

By EO Editorial Board
Published: 2010-11-04

A Sampling of Chinese Microblog Comments on the Conflict
Compiled by Sheng Chao, Wang Yimian, and Ma Jinke
~Have you ever seen McDonald’s stopping their customers from purchasing food at KFC? Have you ever seen Cannon stopping their customers from buying Nikon? Have you ever seen Adidas forcing customers in their shop to remove their Nike underwear? Have you ever seen Apple not let its customers install Windows on their laptops? This is my computer!!! Mine! It will not stop if you say stop or uninstall software as soon as you tell it to! Is your father Li Gang?
~Today mid-term elections took place in the US. Americans chose between two political parties, Chinese people are choosing between two types of malicious software.
~I’ve installed 360 on my home computer, my office computer and my laptop. I should thank the little penguin, because from now on, my children won’t be able to secretly play on QQ anymore.
~A second-class judiciary can only produce a second-class industry. Plagiarizing and monopolizing are the foundation for establishing a company and Tencent has accomplished them both. Innovation cannot be protected and small companies cannot survive. China’s technology industry is confronting America’s developed industry, and feels inferior in front of its superior. Individually, a Chinese person may be smarter than an American, but China lacks the system that would allow intelligence and talent to flourish. 
Original Article:  [Chinese]


Blame is Being Heaped on Tencet From Every Direction
By Yi Peng
~Because of the spat between Tencent and Qihoo 360, users cannot run 360 antivirus and QQ at the same time. Initially at least, Tencent has received all the blame. 
~First, 360 is a local company and is looking out for its own interests. Users feel that Tencent, an internet heavyweight, did not need to be dragged into this game of chicken, especially when only 360 has anything to gain.
~Second, 360 is free, and by far the most preferred antivirus software. Tencent’s decision to block 360 looks like blackmail to its 600 million plus users.
~Lastly, viewers have a choice. QQ may be popular but there are many alternatives including Windows Live Messenger, microblogging, email, etc.
~Tencent may find itself short of allies if public opinion turns against it. Other internet services are looking to profit from the quarrel and will not work with Tencent if the company becomes sufficiently unpopular.
~But despite all the blame, Tencent is justified in asserting its territory, and may pay a price later if it does not. But the quarrel is likely to last, and we will wait to see how it turns out.
Original Article: [Chinese]

A Letter from Netizens: We’re Disappointed by the Fight Between Tencent and 360
~Ma Xiao: Right as netizens emerged from the Mengniu Dairy Group scandal, we have been dragged into a dispute between Tencent Inc. and the 360 Anti-virus Inc. The internet is a big cesspool and none of us can cleanse ourselves of the shit.
~Bai Zongzi: It doesn’t make sense for Tencent Inc. to block 360 anti-virus or any other software. I think it is short-sighted and Tencent must eat the bitter fruit of a high fine or providing compensation for its users due to its recklessness.
~q328138860 (Adapted from a poem): I’ve always has a simple life, which was disrupted by the conflict between 360 and the Tencent yesterday, putting me in a predicament. Your battle is intervening in my freedom of choice. I’m disappointed that we common people have such a small voice which cannot be heard and we are of no concern to the giants.  
Original Article:  [Chinese]


QQ Users are not Weapons
By Huang Liming
~China’s Internet firm Tencent on Wednesday said it is shutting down its popular instant messaging service QQ on computers installed with 360 Safe run by the company’s rival Qihoo which posed a dilemma to QQ users.
~Tencent asked you either to put your own computer in danger by abandoning 360 Safe or lose contact with all your relatives and friends that you communicate with via QQ.
~Tencent and Qihoo 360 fought for their own interests, but both have forgotten the interests of their clients. The truth is that the interests of the users have been violated.
~At this stage, no matter which company has the upper hand, neither company will win the war.
~Both companies should be responsible to their users, and consumers should also have the right to choose which company to trust.
~Users should not be assigned the role of a weapon. This weapon has been aimed not only at 360, but also at anti-trust laws and is being used to kill innovation.
Original Article: [Chinese]

You've got Balls, Tencent
By Zhang Yanlong
~So QQ and 360 can no longer run at the same time.
~Tencent is giving us the right to choose, that’s fair, I suppose. Sometimes you have to pick a side.
~It’s like shopping for vegetables and being forced to choose, gourd or tomato, you can’t have both.
~I shouldn’t be upset. Tencent is just doing what a real man does; he treats life like a multiple choice question. 
~Maybe I should man up too. A real man makes decisions, he doesn’t ask why. Today, it’s “QQ or 360, tomorrow it might be QQ or your audio system;” you just have to choose.
~ “Adidas or Nike, PS3 or Wii,” it must be tough being a real man. Maybe it’s good that they all work for Tencent.
Original Article: [Chinese]

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