Hangzhou Electric Taxi Catches Fire - Whole Fleet Taken Off the Road
One of 30 new electric taxis that took to the streets of Hangzhou in January, burst into flames on Monday
Guo Wei | 2011-04-13
Reform of China's Public Institutions On Central Government's Agenda
The State Council plans to split off the commercial operations and reform the retirement benefits of employees of China's public institutions
Tang Xiangyang | 2011-04-13
Beijing's Public Servants Told to Exit Social Organizations
Both party and government officials told to relinquish their role in the vast array of business associations, social welfare organizations or charities
Tang Xiangyang | 2011-04-08
Former Vice Chairman of Ningxia Receives Life Sentence
A Chongqing court found the official guilty of accepting over 7 million yuan in bribes
Xinhua | 2011-04-08
Some Local Governments Ignore Central Government's Call to Reconsider Housing Pr...
Guangzhou has no plans to adjust ceiling for pace at which housing prices should increase
Song Yao | 2011-04-07
Controversy Over Jurisdiction Emerges in Chongqing's Pursuit of Beijing Lawyer
The latest chapter in the ongoing saga of the "Li Zhuang Case" has once again ignited controversy among China's legal community
Zhang Xiaohui | 2011-04-01
Dongzhimen Blast Suspect Targeted Foreigners
The trial of a young man accused of setting off a home-made explosive device in the vicinity of Beijing's Dongzhimen last year began on Wednesday.
Guo Wei | 2011-03-30
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Source:National Bureau of Statistics
Former Shenzhen Mayor Sentenced to Death
Xu Zongheng was sentenced to death, with a two-year reprieve today on charges of accepting bribes
Source:Xinhua News Agency
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