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Health Care Reform to Cut Spending by Over 60 Billion Yuan
The high cost of medicine, which has been widely criticized among Chinese citizens for a long time, is going to be curbed this year.
Wen Shuping | 2010-04-01
Environmental Tax Delayed
The Ministry of Environmental Protection submitted a report advocating the introduction of a new environmental tax to the State Council.
Zhang Zhe, Xi Si | 2010-03-29
Li Zhuang Retracts Admission of Guilt Following Reduced Sentence
Beijing lawyer Li Zhuang was sentenced to one and a half years in prison at an appeal hearing in Chongqing earlier today.
Lu Fei | 2010-02-09
China Concludes Investigation Stage of Rio Tinto Bribery Case
Chinese authorities have concluded their investigations into four employees of Anglo-Australian mining giant Rio Tinto.
Zhang Xiangdong, Wan Xiaoxiao and Li Li | 2010-01-12
Billionaire Gome Founder to Face Beijing Court
Huang Guangyu, the man who just last year was considered China's richest person, is to be charged with offering bribes and engaging in insider trading.
Li Li, Jiang Lei, Liao Jiehua | 2009-12-16
China to Establish New National Energy Commission
China is set to officially announce the establishment of a new powerful government agency to act as the highest office in charge of the country's energy issues.
Zhang Xiangdong | 2009-12-15
Ministry of Finance Takes Aim at Tax Dodge Among China's High Earners
The MOF has issued new regulations that take aim at tax avoidance among high-income earners at China's SOEs.
Wang Biqiang | 2009-12-02
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The average price of housing in seventy large- and medium-sized cities increased by 10.3 percent in July
Source:National Bureau of Statistics
Gome Escalates Dispute with Former Chairman
The dispute between Gome Electrical Appliances, China's leading home appliance provider, and its former chairman, Huang Guangyu, has escalated.
Source:The Beijing News
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