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A Property Tax is Coming ... But Not as We Know It
The central government plans to trial a real estate tax this year, but details of which properties will be taxed remains unclear
Xi Si | 2010-05-01
Beijing Representative Offices of Local Governments Prepare to Retreat
The central government announced that all Beijing government representative offices of or below county-level, were to be eliminated...
Chen Yong | 2010-04-28
NDRC Pledges to Bridge the Income Gap
Six years after income reform was first proposed, the target of redistributing income among Chinese households will finally begin
Xi Si | 2010-04-27
New Rules Aimed at Reducing Risk of Local Government Bonds Ineffective
The notice forbids local governments and public institutions from providing direct or indirect guarantees for enterprises or local financing platforms.
Wang Yu, Cheng Zhiyun | 2010-04-14
Who Bribed Stern Hu?
Most of those implicated in the Rio Tinto trial are senior managers at privately-run Chinese steel mills.
Wang Xiaoxiao | 2010-04-08
Why Chinese Steel Mills Bribed Rio Tinto Employees
Many small-sized private steel mills are in a disadvantaged position when it comes to access to imported iron ore.
Zhong Ang | 2010-04-07
COEs Required to Draw Up Exit Strategy from Real Estate Market
78 (COEs) have been ordered to formulate a plan for their withdrawal from the real estate market
Zhou Yaling, Kang Yi, Chen Wenya | 2010-04-01
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