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Shenzhen at the Crossroads
The public is eagerly awaiting Shenzhen’s political reform, but political reform in Shenzhen is a sensitive topic
Yang Xingyun | 2010-08-11
China to Unveil State Assets Management Company in August
China's state-owned assets watchdog will unveil its new assets management firm to consolidate select
Kang Yi | 2010-08-06
Government-subsidized Housing to Use Public Housing Funds
The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has finally succeeded in using public housing funds to construct government-subsidized housing.
Song Yao | 2010-08-05
Focus of Income Distribution Reform Shifts to Reducing Flow of Wealth to Governm...
The Chinese government has expressed its intention to reform income distribution among all members of society
Zhang Xiangdong | 2010-07-29
Kashgar to become home to Xinjiang's own SEZ
Kashgar, a pivotal freight station in western Xinjiang, has been chosen as the home of a planned special economic zone (SEZ) modeled on the SEZ of Shenzhen.
Zhang Bangsong | 2010-07-23
Changes to Budget Law May Result in Local Governments Being Allowed to Issue Bon...
Chinese local governments may soon be allowed to issue local treasury bonds, according to proposed reforms to China's Budget Law.
Xi Si | 2010-06-08
Ministry of Environmental Protection Takes Tougher Position on Emission Reductio...
The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) has held a national video conference announcing their decision to punish thirteen provincial governments and enterprises who have done an unsatisfactory job at environmental protection and emission reduction of carbon and sulfides.
Zhang Zhe | 2010-05-21
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Bulk SMS Operation in Beijing Prosecuted for Illegal Activity
According to the Beijing News, four individuals are facing criminal charges for SMS advertisements en masse without a proper license.
Source:The Beijing News
Head of Samsung China Resigns, Korean Successor to be Announced
Pu Genxi resigned as President of Samsung China on December 21, 2010. Keung , a South Korean, will be named as his successor.
Source:Economic Observer
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Many people are willing to leech off the wealthly and powerful
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