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Beijing's Trade Unions Seek Economic Independence
The Beijing Municipal Federation of Trade Unions is working to reform the city's trade unions including advocating direct election of and economic independence for union officials.
Wang Yan | 2010-09-14
Plans for Income Distribution Reform to be Completed by October
Long-neglected plans for income distribution reform are being discussed as China approaches the start of its 12th Five-Year Plan
Zhang Xiangdong, Jiang Yunzhang | 2010-09-09
The Secret Blacklist of Developers Hoarding Property
Is China's Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MHURD) keeping a secret list of property developers that are hoarding housing for speculative purposes?
Song Yao | 2010-08-27
Push to Get 6,000 COEs to Pay Dividends to Ministry of Finance
The Ministry of Finance (MOF) is soliciting opinions from 82 ministerial agencies in a bid to win support for their plan to start collecting dividends from the over 6,000 central-owned enterprises (COEs) that currently operate under the control of various central government ministries and departments.
Xi Si | 2010-08-25
China to Revise Government Investment Regulations
The NDRC is looking to curb municipal and county government power over local government investment projects
Zhang Xiangdong | 2010-08-19
Shenzhen at the Crossroads
The public is eagerly awaiting Shenzhen’s political reform, but political reform in Shenzhen is a sensitive topic
Yang Xingyun | 2010-08-11
China to Unveil State Assets Management Company in August
China's state-owned assets watchdog will unveil its new assets management firm to consolidate select
Kang Yi | 2010-08-06
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China's GDP Grew 9.7% in the First Quarter - March CPI up 5.4%
Inflation in China jumped to a 32-month high of 5.4% in March, while growth slowed compared to the pace registered in the first quarter of last year.
Source:National Bureau of Statistics
New Social Finance Indicator Released as Part of Quarterly Financial R...
The social finance indicator is an attempt to measure the actual financing capability that exists in the real economy and to provide a better gauge on the amount of liquidity in the financial system.
Source:People's Bank of China
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