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Central Government Investigates Chengdu's Hukou Reform
Some ministerial agencies intend to find out whether Chengdu's hukou reform could be copied by other Chinese cities
Xie Liangbing | 2010-12-09
Interview with Secretary General of the EU Chamber of Commerce in China
We talked to Dirk Moens about the effects of a change in taxation policy in relation to foreign firms operating in China.
Liu Weixun and Wang Fang | 2010-12-07
SOEs Transfer 30 Billion Yuan to Social Security Fund Every Year
Transfers of state-owned shares to the social security fund seem promising, but they are not as simple as they sound.
Xi Si, Wang Yu | 2010-11-18
Deadline Extended for Investigations into Local Financing Platforms
The central government has extended the original October 31 deadline for local governments to report the results of their investigations into local financing platforms.
Xi Si | 2010-11-05
Policy-based Housing Hindered by Money Shortage
The issue of how to finance the construction of policy-based housing has become a problem for both the central government and its local subsidiaries.
Xi Si, Song Yao, Gao Boya, Li Wenbo | 2010-11-03
The Spiral of Income Distribution Reform Should Produce Results
Income distribution reform has been researched and discussed for the past ten years without results. Will the 12th Five Year Plan break the pattern?
Zhang Xiangdong | 2010-10-14
Tax System Reform: What's on the Agenda?
China's taxation system may witness a great change in the following five years. Value-added tax, China's largest tax, is likely to be expanded and replace the sales tax.
Xi Si | 2010-09-23
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China's GDP Grew 9.7% in the First Quarter - March CPI up 5.4%
Inflation in China jumped to a 32-month high of 5.4% in March, while growth slowed compared to the pace registered in the first quarter of last year.
Source:National Bureau of Statistics
New Social Finance Indicator Released as Part of Quarterly Financial R...
The social finance indicator is an attempt to measure the actual financing capability that exists in the real economy and to provide a better gauge on the amount of liquidity in the financial system.
Source:People's Bank of China
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