Users Unable to Send Images and other Files Through Tencent's QQ Group Chat

By Yan Wei
Published: 2010-10-20

October 20, 2010
Translated by Ruoji Tang

Users of Tencent QQ, mainland China's most popular instant messaging computer program, were frustrated last night as many had trouble loading images or other files that had been sent to them from fellow members of groups established within the instant messaging service.

According to users, problems began on Monday and have continued throughout yesterday.

A user with connections to Tencent also posted a online statement saying that in an effort to build a better web "community," Tencent QQ will now automatically delete pictures with "harmful" content.
Tencent denies ever having released such a statement.

However, the company has admitted that it is currently working on adjusting QQ's group chat functions, which operate in a similar fashion to the group chat service offered by other instant messaging services such as Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger.
Tencent said that during the adjustment period, all image and other file sharing options within QQ groups will no longer be available.

QQ Groups devoted to the discussion of markets and stock-trading will also be affected.

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