Hangzhou's Disease: Relying on Land Sales for Development
While land development may be positive for the appearance of a city, it increases the cost of living, rent and industry, eroding the health of the local economy.
Chen Zhe, Chen Zhouxi | 2010-10-28
Google Accused of Plotting Against Advertising Resellers
Google has terminated the contracts of seven as resellers in eastern China. The resellers are now acusing Google of a plot to profit from their contract termination
Wan Xiaoxiao and Yang Yang | 2010-10-20
From Cotton Farmer to Speculator
Meet Liu Guanghou - a cotton farmer turned speculator who's betting that Polyester will be the next big thing
Pang Lijing | 2010-10-18
Details of Local Project Mergers to be Reported by Year’s End
A merger spree dominated by centrally-owned enterprises (COEs) and local state-owned enterprises is just around the corner.
Zhang Xiangdong | 2010-09-16
Making Money of Mobile Content: An Interview with Vice President of CNN Mobile
How do media companies intend to profit from making their news content available on new mobile technology?
Ruoji Tang | 2010-09-08
Virtual Airlines: The Story Behind the Yichun Plane Crash
The plane that crashed on the evening of August 24 had been rented by a "virtual" airline
Liu Weixun | 2010-09-03
Local Government Construction Projects Defaulting on Payments
Under pressure from upcoming performance reviews, COEs that specialize in construction have begun complaining to SASAC about the growing problem of local government projects defaulting on payments
Kang Yi, Li Wenbo | 2010-09-02
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Hotlines Published by Shanxi Communist Party Ring Unanswered
Ahead of a new round of political appointments in Shanxi this year, the contact details of party officials were published in the Shanxi Daily
Source:Southern Weekend
Auditor Reveals Irregularities with Spending on Beijing-Shanghai High-...
The National Audit Office outlined serious problems discovered during a two-month audit carried out between May and July last year
Source:National Audit Office
Japan Earthquake:To Stay or to Go?
Tourists are leaving, and the trend spread to longer-term residents of the country.


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