Former Hilton Shareholder Peng Zhimin Stands Trial

By Ruoji Tang
Published: 2011-01-26

The criminal trial of former Hilton Shareholder Peng Zhimin and 32 others began on January 24th in Chongqing's Municipal Court No. 1.

Peng, former head of Qinglong Development Company, along with 26 other affiliates, was arrested July of last year for his involvement in incidents of organized crime, illegal drug use, and prostitution in Chonqing Hilton's Diamond Dynasty (钻石王朝) nightclub.

From July 2004 to June 2006, Peng helped organize a prostitution ring involving hundreds of women that collected more than 4 million yuan in illegal profits. In addition, Peng is allegedly responsible for illegal logging in over 71 hectares of protected forestland and giving over 2.5 million in bribes to officials in various state ministries.

So far, Peng Zhimin has been charged with involvement in organized crime, organizing a prostitution ring, illegal logging, assault, corruption, and bribery.

He has plead guilty to bribery.

The trial is expected to last five days.

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