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Commentary from This Week's Paper
Commentary from This Week's Paper: Why we are Sensitive about Eminent Domain? Are Companies Like Foxconn Worth Fighting For?
EO Editorial Board | 2010-10-22
The Central Bank's Interest Rate Hike Bombshell
Zhou Xiaochuan gives economists a wakeup call...
Sun Jianfang | 2010-10-21
China Poll: Buying A House
A recent survey suggests that many Chongqing residents are not considering buying a home in the near future
Leslie Walczak | 2010-10-20
IMF Senior Resident Representative in China: Effort is Needed by All Sides to Co...
Reducing the excess global liquidity will help reduce global imbalances.
Il Houng Lee | 2010-10-15
A Breakthrough in Land Reform is Needed
Zheng Fengtian: The way I see it, the central government policies on grain safety are self-defeating.
Jiang Yunzhang | 2010-10-15
China Poll: Birth Control
An online Sohu survey finds that public knowledge of birth control measures is lacking
Leslie Walczak | 2010-10-13
Views from the East: China's Philanthrocapitalism
A round-up of editorials in the Chinese press about the Buffett and Gates charity banquet and the state of philanthropy in China
Ruoji Tang | 2010-09-24
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Jiangsu Official Suspected of Using Kickbacks to Purchase Seven Homes
A Jiangsu Province Department of Finance official is under investigation for taking advantage of her position and accepting kickbacks from banks...
Source:Economic Observer Online
Controversy Still Brewing Around Mekong River Dam
Is China to blame for the decrease in water levels of countries south of its Mekong River dams?
Source:The Beijing News
Interview with Martin Wolf-FT Chief Economics Comm...
The EO sat down with Martin Wolf and discussed QE, the SDR, and where the international ec...


According to a recent survey the answer is overwhelmingly yes.


Photos from the controversial Shanghai blaze.