Chongqing Hilton Shareholder Peng Zhimin Sentenced to Life in Prison
Another gang-related trial in Chongqing involving bribery of officials ends with life sentence for gang leader
Zhang Ran | 2011-05-04
What Was Behind the Steep Fall in China's B-shares?
Rumors questioning the likelihood of a merger of B-shares with either A-shares or a new International Board appear to have led to steep decline in the B-share index
Peng You | 2011-05-03
Chief Engineer at MIIT Officially Removed from Position
Following reports that Su Jinsheng (苏金生), the chief engineer at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), had been taken away for questioning and investigation by unspecified authorities on suspicion of violations of discipline emerged in March this year, a brief formal announcement was posted to MIIT's website on Apr 27 announcing that the leading party group of the central ...
Pang Lei | 2011-04-29
NDRC Meets With Coal Companies to Discuss Prices
The NDRC is unlikely to introduce strict price controls immediately, but if prices continue to rise it remains an option
Zhang Xiangdong | 2011-04-27
Haikou Considers End to Property Purchase Restrictions as Market Cools - Updated
After government revenues dropped, the mayor announced that the city plans to limit prices but not restrict purchases
Jia Huajie | 2011-04-26
Chongqing Prosecutors Drop Case Against Lawyer
Li Zhuang has had additional charges of inciting a witness to alter testimony dropped in the latest unexpected twist in this ongoing legal saga
Zhang Xiaohui | 2011-04-22
Transport Workers Blockade Shanghai Port Over Price Hikes
Shanghai truck drivers picketed a Shanghai port district on Wednesday
Tang Xiangyang | 2011-04-22
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Foxconn Employee Commits Suicide at Chengdu Plant
Domestic media are reporting that an employee at Foxconn's Chengdu assembly plant leaped to his death in the early hours of this morning
Source:21st Century Business Herald
Police Deny Rumors that Baotou Billionaire Faked Own Death
Police in Baotou, a city in Inner Mongolia, have officially denied rumors that a local entreprenuer faked his own death last month
Source:China News Agency
China's Challenge: Social Disorder
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