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English Edition Staff | 2011-03-04
70% of Officials Want more Government Transparency
The Chinese Academy of Social Science Writing and Press surveyed 1300 officers, and 1350 citizens about government transparency in China.
Guo Wei | 2011-02-28
Egypt's Rabbits and Tigers
Egypt is in the throes of revolution. What does this mean for the Islamic world and the future of democracy?
Ding Li | 2011-02-17
Views from the East: Chunyun
Chinese commentators take on the Spring Festival transport rush and whose to blame...
English Edition Staff | 2011-01-27
Commentary from This Week's Paper
Are Red Channels Good? Vote with your Remote, the Chinese Government has Lost Public Trust, and Do Not Let Reform follow the path of China's "No-Smoking" Failure
English Edition Staff | 2011-01-13
44.7% of Chinese Feel Happy
A recent survey shows that 44.7 percent of Chinese citizens surveyed feel happy or very happy...
Chen Ximeng | 2011-01-12
Commentary from This Week's Paper
Why Do News Stories Disappear and Why People Don't Believe the Police?
English Edition Staff | 2011-01-06
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China's GDP Grew 9.7% in the First Quarter - March CPI up 5.4%
Inflation in China jumped to a 32-month high of 5.4% in March, while growth slowed compared to the pace registered in the first quarter of last year.
Source:National Bureau of Statistics
New Social Finance Indicator Released as Part of Quarterly Financial R...
The social finance indicator is an attempt to measure the actual financing capability that exists in the real economy and to provide a better gauge on the amount of liquidity in the financial system.
Source:People's Bank of China
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