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Issue 551 2-1-2011
Summary:Year-end special profiling China's most prominent micro-bloggers including
Xinjiang Party Secretary
Transsexual Dancer
Fridge smasher

In a special issue to mark the end of 2011, the EO devoted its pages to profiling politicians, economists, scholars, artists, celebrities, businessmen and journalists who have shared their views with China's 500 million microbloggers.


Zhang Chunxian (张春贤), member of the China Communist Party Central Committee, Party Secretary of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and the first political commissar of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.
Zhang was born in May 1953, and previously served as the Minister of Transport and the Communist Party chief of Hunan Province. 

Wu Hao (伍皓), propaganda official from Yunnan
China’s first high official at department-level to open microblog under his real name.

Chen Shiqu (陈士渠) director of the Ministry of Public Security's anti-human trafficking office. 

Cai Qi (蔡奇) head of Zhejiang’s Organization Department.
The first China provincial-level official to have millions following his microblog.

Liu Weizhong (刘维忠) Head of Gansu Province's Health Bureau.
Promotes Chinese medicine through his microblog and encouarges the use of microblogs in the province's health system.

Du Shaozhong (杜少中) deputy director of Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau.
Opened microblog as “Basong Langwang” (巴松狼王) to promote environmental protection.

Lu Qun (陆群) Deputy Director of the anti-corruption Office at the Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection.
On Oct 20, he posted a microblog on Chashang County policemen who had beaten and detained migrant workers, and challenged Changsha County party secretary Yang Yiwen.


Deng Fei
(邓飞), journalist from Phoenix Weekly.
Devoted himself to promote Children’s charity work in 2011, launching free lunch for school children and free medical insurance for juveniles with serious illnesses.

Yang Haipeng (杨海鹏)  journalist formerly at Caijing.
Used his microblog to try and help his wife, who worked in a state-owned enterprise and was involved a bribery case.

Rui Chenggang (芮成钢) CCTV news anchor 


Yao Chen
(姚晨), actress
Has more followers than any other weibo user.

Cai Chunzhu (蔡春猪) screenwriter and author

Shan Tianfang (单田芳) Pingshu performer 

Ou Ning (欧宁) artist and founder of Chutzpah magazine

Jin Xing (金星) transsexual dancer
Art Director of Shanghai Jin Xing Dance Theatre. She was born male and had surgery to change sex at the age of 28.

Joe Wong (黄西) stand-up comedian
Wong, a Chinese American, has a doctorate in Chemistry and has appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman as well as performing in the White House.


Chen Zhiwu
 (陈志武) Professor of Finance at Yale School of Management and a visiting professor at Tsinghua University  

Liu Hong
(柳红) independent scholar and a freelance writer

He Weifang (贺卫方) Law Professor at Beijing University

Yu Jianrong (于建嵘) Director at the Rural Development Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Hua Sheng (华生) Head of Beijing Yanjing Overseas Chinese University

Li Daokui (李稻葵) Professor at Tsinghua University’s School of Economics and Management and a member of the central bank’s monetary policy committee

Xu Xiaonian (许小年) Professor at China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)


Xue Manzi
(薛蛮子) voted as “The No.1 Angel Investor in China”

Kan Zhidong
(阚治东) CEO of Fortune Link (东方汇富创投管理有限公司)

Zhang Huaqiao
(张化桥) Former vice president of UBS China and currently president of micro-lender Wansui (万穗小额贷款)

Dan Bin
(但斌) president of Shenzhen Harbour Investment Management
Nominated on the China’s ten “godfathers” of private placements by Forbes.


Luo Yonghao
(罗永浩) teacher of English who set up Bullog.com
One of the bloggers behind the fridge smashing protest outside Siemens office, which several weeks later won concessions from the German company. 

Kai-Fu Lee
(李开复) former president of Google China and founder of Microsoft Research Asia.

Lao Rong
(老榕) senior “net potato”

Jack Ma
(马云) founder and CEO of Alibaba Group.

Li Guoqing
(李国庆) founder and co-CEO of online retailer Dangdang.com (当当网)

Chen Tong
(陈彤) executive vice-president and chief editor of Sina.

Zhang Yaqin
(张亚勤) vice president of Microsoft and head of its Asia-Pacific R&D Group.


Liu Qiangdong
 (刘强东) chief executive and chairman of 360buy.com (京东商城)

Pan Shiyi (潘石屹) chairman of SOHO China

Ren Zhiqiang (任志强) Chairman of Hua Yuan Real Estate Group (华远地产上市公司)

Chen Jiulin
(陈九霖) former CEO of China Aviation Oil Co., Ltd
Known as the “Work King”, Chen Jiulin has spent 1,035 days because of capital operation problems. 


Little Yueyue
(伊伊), real name, Xiang weiyi (项炜伊), two-year-old who survived high-speed train collision.
The “miracle girl” from Wenzhou was the last one to be rescued from the wreckage of the July 23 crash. Both her parents were killed in the accident.

Li Na
 (李娜) professional tennis player 
Li Na became the first Asian to win a Grand Slam singles title by beating Francesca Schiavone in Paris.

Xu Xiaoping
 (徐小平) specialist on study abroad, visa applications and career planning

General Secretary of Huaguo Mountain
(花果山总书记) anonymous entrepreneur
This owner of this microblog account refuses to declare his real name. He founded a financial software company and loves watches. He achieved fame by positing a list of officials at all levels who wear expensive branded watches.

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